I have no idea what I'm doing.

Kristin. 19. Momma bear to Lilly Marie. In love with my Sidney.

Brand New - Mix Tape

And I’m sick of your tattoos, and the way you don’t appreciate Brand New
or me. 
And I know that you’re a sucker for anything acoustic.
When I say let’s keep in touch, 
I hope you know I mean I wish that you’d grow up. 

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Uhhh, please remove these pictures.

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I really don’t like when your best friend comments on my pictures calling me cute.. like hellllooooo? We dated for 2 1/2 years, does he not remember how psycho I can be? That should be enough to scare him away anyways lol.


Transitioning lilly from my bed to hers has been so rough. Part of me regrets co-sleeping, but ugh, I just couldn’t help it. Like, she’s my baby, I need her near me always. I feel like I’ve betrayed her sometimes when she’s fussing and wanting to be out of the crib. :(

Excuse my derp face.

I get to see Rose today and I’m so fucking excited.

Breastfeeding appreciation post.


*16 year old girl voice* um shut the fuck up thanks

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